Expedition Solid Fuel - Hexamine 1300-Degree Tablets - Rugged & Submersible Storage Trays for Camping Stoves and Fire Starting, Backpacking, Survival, and Bushcraft

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  • Each tablet is stored individually in a durable (not foil), submersible storage tray. This is to prevent moisture absorption and physical damage.
  • Ultra high energy density for better performance and longer burning time. Safe, stable and smokeless fuel cubes are perfect for starting campfires, heating or boiling food and water. Non-Toxic and creates no ash residue.
  • The weight of each tablet is 14 grams and has a burning time of around 15 minutes. Suitable for both high/low altitudes and temperatures.
  • Safe and clean fuel that ignites with matches or a lighter. Smokeless burn. Great to use with our pocket stove or as a fire starter.
  • 100 year shelf life.